She: We foster space for femininity in a sport dominated by the masculine. Our climbing specific programs are intended for all women, non-cisgender women, as well as non-binary and GNC humans too. All of our online offerings are open to anyone looking to celebrate the femininity within our sport with us!

Sends: v. Term used by rock climbers; an abbreviation of the word acsend. To successfully climb a route from start to finish without falling, cleanly and without any assistance (i.e. short roping, dabbing, taking, etc). Our goal is to help women (cis + non-cis), GNC + non-binary folks 'send' whatever they set their intentions on, climbing related or not.

Collective: Collection of ways we aim of supporting & uniting the feminine within the climbing community. 



After growing up in a male dominated sport and eventually realizing the magic that can happen within groups of women in the sport, Chelsea Rude decided there's not enough safe and inclusive spaces held for women (cis and non-cis), GNC and nonbinary folks in our community. After spending years focusing on teaching women's specific clinics across the country, she decided she wanted to make a bigger impact on this demographic within the climbing community; not just through climbing specific offerings though. She also aims bring education to our community surrounding disordered eating and health & wellness topics with the goal of empowerment. Additionally, she knows that these programs are often reserved for those with privilege that not everybody carries, so it is her overall goal to facilitate easier access to all of these high level programs, including those climbing related, to the community.  This is her dream - and she hopes you will join.


Upcoming Events

  • Jan 20, 7:00 PM – Feb 10, 8:00 PM
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Reviews of our in-person events

"She Sends Collective clinics are catered to each participants level and skill - not pushing too hard, but also offering the opportunity for challenge! As a beginner, these clinics have created a beautiful, welcoming environment focused on support and enjoyment. Each clinic is an amazing combination of practical skills, mental framework, and overall climbing etiquette, language and culture. Chelsea is a dream to work with: incredibly experienced, down-to-earth and en enjoyable woman to be around!" - Aubrea A 

"She Sends Collective's programs are more than just an instructional course. They are also a group of women building relationships new and old, creating a place of support and encouragement for climbers of all levels" - Rachel F

"Learning to boulder [outdoors] with Chelsea was awesome, she was so helpful, kind and inclusive. I can't wait to do more clinics in the future! I'm so thankful She Sends Collective exists to teach womxn climbing" - Kristen 

"As a Human Resources consultant in the corporate world, I couldn't have asked for better coaches who took my perspective and experience into consideration when deciding how best to help me learn and challenge me to grow. Chelsea and Azissa together provided not only a safe space to confront my fears, but also helped me understand that being connected to the earth and trusting myself with my climbing partners is the safest place to be when climbing outdoors. There is no rush to get to the top, and the best part about being outside is the people you're with. For me, climbing rocks is more about the community and empowerment that we can do incredible things we didn't think we could do and we get to do them together. Very much looking forward to more outdoor clinics with these badass womxn!" - Juli R

"As a very new climber with no outdoor experience and minimal gym experience, I found these clinics to be invaluable. Even at my newbie skill level, I always felt comfortable and was able to challenge myself without feeling overwhelmed. Chelsea is an AMAZING coach and takes time to make sure you learn the correct and safe way to do things. I would recommend these clinics to any climber!" - Jess B

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