Hello Friends,

Having started climbing in 1998, it wasn't always easy to find womxn to climb, adventure and push each other with. Today, while it is slightly easier depending on your geographic location, personal means, and willingness, it can still be very hard to find other ladies to hit the gym, go outside, and talk different betas with. Over the years I've learned there's a different bond and energy that is formed when womxn climb with other womxn and I want to help facilitate this! It's magical and it's these moments that have made climbing special to me even after 22 years of being in the sport! 


Furthermore, I really strive to create a program honoring my late friend, Savannah Buik. Savannah struggled with eating disorder and at the young age of 21, after much help & support from others, she was able to manage her ED. This was not an easy task, though. But eventually she considered herself free and had just started to spread her wings in this world. She was well on her way to doing great things in this world. She recognized the resources needed to help her work through her eating disorder and saw it was not something that was easily accessible by all people. She told me in the car one day that "she wanted to educate our community on eating disorders and help others get the care and support we all deserve." While she began making a huge impact on our community in her short time with us, her accident occurred right after finishing her college degree. She only got to scratch the surface of all that she wanted to do.

With these two factors in my mind, She Sends Collective was born. My goals with this organization are to unite womxn through the vehicle of climbing, facilitate easier access to nutritionists, sports psychologists and therapists for personal growth and education, and therefore empower all women to feel comfortable working towards their goals both in sport and in life. 

We will support womxn in the community further by: having an online store showcasing the work of womxn artists in our community, providing space for all to share their stories, supplying scholarships for nutritional and mental health services, and hosting retreats throughout the year that bring us and our passions together in one safe space.

I hope that you will join me in She Sends Collective and feel connected to and inspired by all the womxn in this community. This is a space that doesn't put worth on grades, but instead holds space for all to grow in any way that she sees fit for herself. 

With love and gratitude, 
Chelsea Rude