She Sends: Mind + Body

A Comprehensive Climbing Training Program

Do you ever feel like despite having a fabulous physical training program that something is still missing? 

Yea, we've been there before too. 

At times it felt like our mindset struggled to believe we were capable. Other times our goal attainment plans just weren't in place causing us to state "oh, I'll start this tomorrow," with not much follow through. And sometimes it felt like we just simply didn't have the energy to support a planned training session. 

If we've learned nothing else during our time as athletes, it's this: we are more than athletes. We are humans first, meaning we need a comprehensive approach to athletics that don't just help us succeed on the wall, but in life too.

Thats Why we decided create she sends: Mind + body 

This program is more than climbing coaching; it encompasses nutrition, mindset, climbing and strength coaching from three professional women in the industry.  

Receiving coaching in all of the foundational elements from one person often lends itself to only scratching the surface. And many of us really need / want to dive deeper. With this program, we aren't just scratching the surface because now you have three professionals working together to help YOU.  

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Hayden James, RDN

Hey, Hey! I'm a sports dietician nutritionist, owner of Satiate Nutrition, LLC and live in Salt Lake City, UT with my husband and Siberian husky. I enjoy trail running, climbing, backcountry & resort skiing; a true jack of all trades, master of none. As a nutritionist, I'm passionate about helping mountain athletes eat confidently to reach optimal performance with simple fueling strategies. 

I got into the field of nutrition due to my own excitement about food, cooking and athletic performance. Having witnessed many former teammates struggle with disordered eating and navigating my own performance nutrition, fueled my desire to open my biz to make performance nutrition simple, delicious, and backed by science. I'm a firm believe in "all foods fit," and that sports nutrition is more than performance enhancement, because you're more than just an athlete!! 

Chelsea Rude, PCC, SPI

Hello! I'm a climbing + strength coach, founder and head coach of She Sends Collective! I received my Bachelors Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Integrative Physiology with an emphasis on Exercise Physiology. 

I started climbing 23 years ago, fell in love with it immediately, and have never looked back. Within the first month of discovering climbing, I started competing and didn't stop for a longgggggg time. Throughout my competitive career (1998-2015) I was crowned National Champion and stood on many podiums for both National and International competitions. In 2004, fresh outta high school, launched what I didn't know would turn into my coaching career as the Head Coach for a youth climbing team in Atlanta, GA - the same youth team I grew up on and that was known for scholarship-ing all of the kids into the program. This was the team that helped me find myself - and allowed me the opportunity, where perhaps I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise. My coaching career has morphed over the years from coaching youth, being the first female youth US Team Coach, to focusing on adults and eventually landing on focusing on working with women and gender non-conforming folks who are early to mid-climbing journey. During all of this, I found my passion for climbing outdoors, too. Being able to spend time with nature and friends means the world to me. I have multiple first female ascents of up to 5.14, numerous onsights of 5.13c across the world and have redpointed up to 5.14b and V11. Throughout my career as a professional athlete and coach, I've learned that becoming a better climber means creating really strong foundations with everything that makes us resilient humans; nutrition, mindset, skills and strength. This program is a dream come true for me :)

Suzu Cornella, MS​

Hi! I'm an athlete mental performance coach and founder of Summits of the Mind, LLC. My husband and two dogs and I live in Evergreen, CO, where I teach sport psychology skills to my clients of all abilities, sports, ages and genders. 

I started climbing when I was 12 years old through a youth climbing team where I made life long friendships. During this time I began competing and did so for 15 years in both USAC and IFSC climbing competitions. Eventually I grew out of the youth climbing circuit and went on to earn my Bachelor's Degree in Education.  After teaching 5th grade Science, I shifted to full-time coaching indoor and outdoor climbers, working mostly with youth competition climbers at the National level for over 10 years. In 2015, I became the first female route setter in the history of Movement Climbing and Fitness where I also coached the youth competition teams. During my time there as a coach, athlete, and route setter, I found that the mental skills necessary to perform at a high level are essential in helping athletes achieve their goals. This led me to pursue my Master's of Applied Sport Psychology, which I received in 2020 from Adams State University, in order to better support the athletes she works with.​​

Welcome to
She Sends:Mind + Body


This 12-week, remote, community-based program is packed with gems to help you improve your climbing, strength, and relationship with food and self. This is the perfect program for you if you are ready to jump off of that plateau, become a better climber, sharpen your mental skills that serve you beyond climbing and nourish yourself better both in sport and in life. 

You will take-away the following from the community-based program alone:

  • Support through the community and all three coaches through group calls and access to private forum to...

  • Build growth mindsets to bring quality + focused practice to climbing

  • Build skills for managing performance anxiety; fear of falling or failure; uncertainty in returning to sport after injury

  • Create strong goal attainment plans for the program, climbing, and beyond

  • Gain confidence in knowing how to eat to support your training goals and everyday life

  • Nourish yourself to feel energized, not just get through your workouts

  • Build simple strategies to fuel yourself without obsessing over food

  • Develop confidence in the weight room and on the wall, and reduce injury risk, to support a life-long pursuit of climbing through technique + strength coaching.











If you're really wanting to dive deeper with any one, two or all three of us coaches, through customized plans, video analysis and 1:1 coaching calls, then you can opt into VIP 1:1 coaching, too. You can expect the following with VIP opt ins. 






with Hayden (nutrition):

  • 1:1 support through initial 60 minute video call, 30 minute follow up video call and weekly email checkins

  • Custom nutrition plan to help you dial in your foods









With Suzu (Mindset):

  • 1:1 support through 3 video calls, each 60 minutes, once per month

  • Weekly email checkins

  • Custom mental training plan to help you bring focus and intention into your practice

with Chelsea (Climbing + strength):

  • 1:1 support through 3 video calls, each 60 minutes, once per month

  • Custom climbing + strength training plans delivered via app 

  • 4 Climbing video analyses per week 

  • Weekly email checkins



For Suzu: 

"I have improved dramatically when it comes to approaching a climb and recognizing self limitations. I can now abscess those limiting factors and devise a plan through the negative thoughts or difficult sections for me mentally or physically in order to conquer them."


"I have really appreciated this process. I was initially a little nervous about entering into the program [mindset coaching] because I feared it would be too much like therapy. Instead of just listening to me bitch and moan about my climbing, Suzu was able to provide insight and connect my weeks to meaningful tasks which helped me grow."


For Hayden: 

"I’m convinced that the increased carb intake, as well as implementing the other changes Hayden recommended (certain vitamins/minerals, limited sat fat, etc.), led to increased athletic performance and more balanced energy levels throughout the day. I normally hit a wall about 2 or 3pm, but that has happened a lot less frequently when I’m diligent about the changes Hayden recommended. I have so many good things to say, but I really can’t overemphasize how fun meal planning now is and how exciting it is to see physical improvement and PRs that I’m convinced are a result of Hayden’s coaching. Meal planning used to be another chore I didn’t particularly enjoy, but after working with Hayden it’s something I genuinely look forward to because 1) I know the recipes will be delicious, and 2) I know the food is properly fueling my body for fun outdoor adventures. Bonus, Hayden was very respectful of how regimented/intuitive I wanted the program would be, which was great! I’ve come away from this program with so much knowledge that I’m really excited to incorporate into my athletic life."   -Claire, 1:1 Coaching

"I loved working with Hayden. She helped me learn how to balance my nutrition not just for my performance needs, but also for my overall health and well-being. She was also able to work with my busy schedule and make the learning experience productive and fun. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!" -Abi, 1:1 Coaching

For Chelsea: 

"Chelsea is an amazing climbing coach. In a single session with her she identified exactly what I had been doing wrong that was keeping me perpetually tweaked. She systematically took me through the steps to correct it. I was, for the first time in a year, pain free post climbing. I wasn't any strong with one session, but with better technique I immediately started climbing harder grades. Imagine what she can teach in 8-10 weeks! Can't recommend her enough!!" - Susan C

"I was hesitant to take on a coach. I was hesitant to spend the money. I did not know what to expect. I am still unsure of what I initially expected, but I can tell you I have gotten more than I ever expected and I have gotten more than I paid for. I have gotten SO much from my Send Sessions (10 week 1:1 sessions). I have become physically stronger. I have become mentally stronger. I have realized so many strengths that I have. I have learned techniques for improvement, both mentally and physically. I am deeply grateful that I took this opportunity and gained a friend and mentor in Chelsea Rude." - Lindsey D


Financial Breakdown
the investment

One of our goals for this program is to bring these services, that are often reserved for those with financial privilege, to the community in an affordable manner. We believe everybody deserves to work with a climbing + strength coach, nutritionist, and mindset coach if desired.

Hiring these professionals individually would typically cost thousands for a 12-week period, and while our program isn't thousands - you can expect our price tag does not speak to the quality of education + experience you will be receiving.

Your Investment

Community Based Program 

Any one or two vip only


includes support from all three coaches, nutrition homework / general nutrition plan, mindset homework / general plan, climbing + strength training general plans + video analysis

+ $240


4th of July Sale



All three vip!!!!!

+ $200


You get to choose whichever option works best and fits your needs the most. 

We do offer 2, 4 and 6 month payment plans if interested. 

All plans do require a $200 deposit, which you will pay for up front (that's why when you go to choose what fits your needs to the most, all options are listed at $200). From there, you will be contacted so we can see if what type of payment plan you'd like, if you want one.

The program starts Wednesday, July 7th

All group calls will be recorded in the event you're unable to make it live to a couple. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Have questions?

You can book discovery calls with us if you have questions about this program being a good fit for you, etc. 

Book with Chelsea 

If you have general questions about the program, or about VIP options with her. 

Book with Suzu 

If you have questions about mindset VIP options with her. 

Book with Hayden 

If you have questions about nutrition VIP options with her. 

We look forward to  working with you!!

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