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These weekends are built to provide women + gender minorities the opportunity to come together, learn, and enjoy the outdoors under the guidance of climbing guides, coaches and other professionals. 

Ouray, Colorado

September 24-26

This weekend is focused on bringing together community for a fun weekend of camping and climbing while bringing climbing, nutrition and mindset coaching to the forefront of the weekend. This event is intended for women + other gender minorities of all climbing levels who want to work on their fear of falling, are interested in learning how to cook nourishing meals while camping, and get climbing coaching on movement and systems in a safe and supportive environment in the mountains of Ouray, Colorado. 

We will maintain a 1:4 coach to climber ratio for the weekend. 


Amphitheater Campground is located on the side of a mountain overlooking Ouray, CO at about 8,400 feet in elevation. The campground is tightly designed among Gambel oaks and mixed conifers giving it the sweet Colorado fresh air smell. It is best suited for tent camping and smaller trailers/RVs. Due to the time of the year we will be here, reservations are not possible. All sites are at a first come, first serve basis. However, one of the coaches will be arriving early to hold campsites for everyone. 


Be ready to witness the aspens changing colors!

Camp Fire at Night


We will be climbing at two different walls - both offer plenty of options for the beginner to more intermediate/advanced climbers. Our lead guide is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor + Performance Climbing Coach who is an expert at finding appropriate climbs for everyone and guiding them with their technique + movement. No prior outdoor climbing experience is required. 

Payment information

Cost:  $397



  • Guiding + coaching from AMGA certified SPI + Professional Climber, Chelsea Rude, and mindset + nutrition instruction and coaching by Suzu Cornella + Hayden James respectively.

  • 2 days of climbing

  • Digital Camp Cooking guide from Hayden James

  • Summary of topics covered via PDF

  • Non-personal climbing gear such as ropes, quick draw and helmet 

Not included:

  • Harness + climbing shoes

  • Camping fees & gear

  • Food 

  • Transportation to or around Ouray, CO

All specific times are subject to change


September 24 6-8pm:  Arrive into Ouray, CO @ Amphitheater Campground. Welcome + campfire (or campfire-less if not allowed) mingle.


September 25

7:30am: Sports psychology lesson around the fear of falling in our outdoor classroom setting led by Suzu Cornella, a professional in sports psychology techniques. You will be taught a 5 step action item list to check off as you gain mental strength in your fears. Through this step by step lesson you will gain confidence to then go out in the chosen Ouray crag to practice and apply these mental strength techniques.

8:30am-3:30pm: Let's go climb! The focus of the day is working on our fear of falling by applying the sports psychology techniques. Movement + technique coaching will be offered throughout the day. There will be the chance to work on leading + anchor cleaning if participants are interested. 

4:00pm-6:00pm: Free time to do what you like! Perhaps we can all go to the hot springs, but this will be your time to rest, explore, etc. 

6:00pm-7:15Pm: Community dinner! Cook dinner on your own + eat together

7:30pm: Camp Cooking Demonstration by Hayden James, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, where you will learn how to cook a simple, delicious, and nourishing meal with a camp kitchen, simple framework for balanced meals for post adventuring, types of food to support recovery, as well as tips and tricks to making meal planning for camping easier. 

8:30pm-10:00pm: Campfire chats + relax

September 26

7:30am: Camp site pack up, review of sports psychology techniques, answer questions about anything learned from the previous day, etc. 

8:30am-12:30pm: Let's go climb! The focus of the day is expanding what we learned from the previous day and enjoying moving our bodies before we all travel back home. 

12:45pm: Group photo, farewell + departures 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to climbing outdoors, is this weekend appropriate for me to join? Yes! If you are newer to climbing outdoors, or haven't done it before, that's OK! There will be plenty of climbs for you to get on and you will be helped by our lead guide/coach as well our our mindset coach to help you feel confident and empowered with what you're learning. 

I have been climbing for a while and climb 5.11's and 5.12's, is this clinic still appropriate for me? Absolutely - there are .11's and .12's at both locations that we are climbing at. This weekend is perfect for you to work on your fear of falling, get feedback on your technique and movement, and spend time with others in the community! 

I haven't led before, will I benefit from learning the sports psych skills that talk about the fear of falling? Yes, these sports psych skills can be applied to all areas of your life, including top roping. You'll just be ahead of the game when and if you decide you want to learn how to lead in the future.

I haven't led before and I want to learn this weekend, is that possible? Yes, if you've never learned to lead before and are climbing 5.8 - 5.9 consistently in the gym (or at other crags) then we can most certainly teach you during the weekend. You will work on mock leading only throughout the weekend to make sure you get your skills down solidly. 

What is the average age of people who attend your other clinics? We have participants from their early 20's to their 60's join! All are encouraged if they are stoked to learn and be with community for the weekend. 

Am I allowed to bring my dog or cat? We do not allow any animals to join on guided climbing trips unless they are certified as a support animal and will not be a distraction to you or the rest of the participants. 

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