Scholarship Application

We are so excited to announce the launch of our first scholarship. The first round of scholarships are intended to create easier access for womxn (cis & non-cis), GNC and non-binary humans, including BIPOC individuals, into high level health and wellness workshops.


You might ask why this is so important to us? 

We find this extremely important because we want to provide workshops from highly qualified professionals within their field. Access to this type of workshop is often reserved for those who enjoy high levels of privilege and financial security. But we at She Sends Collective want to break down those barriers and make access easier for everyone, especially those who might not have the financial means to join such workshops. Access is important because we believe that with education comes empowerment. 

With that said, we are offering TWO full scholarships (each a $340 value) into our first virtual nutrition workshop centered around Intuitive Eating & developing more trust within oneself. This workshop is intended for athletes (if you exercise at any capacity, then yes, we consider you an athlete) who want to learn how to intuitively fuel themselves for sport and beyond. Additionally this workshop is for you if you're wanting to develop a stronger relationship and more trust with oneself and food. This workshop starts on Tuesday, September 8th and goes until Tuesday, October 27th. Group meets virtually at 5:30pm MST.

Scholarship application deadline is Friday, September 4th at midnight MST. You will be notified by Sunday, September 6th if you are chosen. 

Scholarship Application

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