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Are you ready to level up your technical foundation + have more efficient movement while you climb but aren't sure how?

Do you feel uncertain about reading climbs and remembering your beta?

Do you feel like you're after hesitating to make decisions on the wall?

Do you feel intimidated with the strength training area of the gym and uncertain of where to begin your journey?

Do you feel like you often set goals for yourself but aren't sure if it's a 'good' goal and are uncertain of how to achieve it?

You don't need to feel this way anymore.

Imagine getting both 1:1 coaching + group support while you learn how to build a stronger foundation for your climbing, while implementing a strength training program aimed at supporting your climbing movement + reducing your risk to injury? Can we say, your spring projects better watch out!

Hello! I'm Chelsea

I'm a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist + climbing coach. In my 23 years of climbing I have redpointed multiple 5.14's + V11's, have onsighted multiple 5.13c's across the world, and have stood on top of National + International Championship podiums. 


In my 17 years of coaching I have worked with climbers of all ages who climb 5.8 to 5.14, are Olympic-bound, and who are on a personal journey to reach their climbing + fitness goals. I have been focused on specifically coaching women (cis + non-cis), GNC + nonbinary folks on technique, movement + strength over the last 6 years. 


It is my passion to help climbers of all abilities strengthen their technical foundations, send their hardest climbs, and gain confidence in the weight room (& climbing gym/outdoor climbing space) all while optimizing the time they have available.

Welcome to She Moves Strong

She Moves Strong was created to bring a program with some of the best technique, movement + strength coaching in the industry. This program is the first of its kind.

Most people find that strength is what is holding them back from achieving their goals, but usually it's a lack of a strong technical foundation + indecisive movement patterns that prevent them from topping out or clipping the chains, or a combination of the two. 

Creating a strong base + understanding for the foundational skills in climbing, while simultaneously building strength to support your movement are critical to becoming the best climber you can be. In this 8-week dual 1:1 and group program you will get a customized strength training program + we will integrate intentional practices and drills into your climbing routine.


In addition to the customized strength programming, there will be weekly educational modules where you will learn specific movement/technique drills, how to create and build a plan to achieve your goals, route reading tactics and flash + repointing strategies. 

The lessons you learn in this program will undoubtedly help you in your climbing journey and beyond. 


Chelsea is an amazing climbing coach. In a single session with her she identified exactly what I had been doing wrong that was keeping me perpetually tweaked. She systematically took me through the steps to correct it. I was, for the first time in a year, pain free post climbing. I wasn't any strong with one session, but with better technique I immediately started climbing harder grades. Imagine what she can teach in 8-10 weeks! Can't recommend her enough!!

-Susan C 

I was hesitant to take on a coach. I was hesitant to spend the money. I did not know what to expect. I am still unsure of what I initially expected, but I can tell you I have gotten more than I ever expected and I have gotten more than I paid for. I have gotten SO much from my Send Sessions (10 week 1:1 sessions). I have become physically stronger. I have become mentally stronger. I have realized so many strengths that I have. I have learned techniques for improvement, both mentally and physically. I am deeply grateful that I took this opportunity and gained a friend and mentor in Chelsea Rude. 

Talking to Chelsea on our zoom calls and via Voxer is like talking to your (extremely knowledgeable) friend. She constantly pushes you to improve your mindset, technique, strength, nutrition and rest! Chelsea talked me through my freakout on a campus board workout because I was intimidated by the professional climber and bros that were in the gym that day. She reminded me that I am as much of a climber as them. Chelsea is HUGE on communication and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! I’ve let her know on days that I am super sore or tired and she has recommended dietary and hydration tweaks that have made all the difference. 

Chelsea is genuinely the real deal. She is deeply knowledgeable about climbing, fitness and health. She is well educated and deeply committed to each of her clients. I wouldn't know that she has any other clients because she spends so much time on me. My workouts are completely customized to my needs and time restraints with my wild and crazy work schedule. She is so kind, intuitive and easy to talk to about extremely vulnerable aspects of mindset, physique and day to day emotions and issues. 

Program Details

With this 8-week program, each participant will receive: ​

  • Four 1:1 30 minute Zoom calls

  • Eight weekly group calls + educational modules covering movement & technique, route reading, flash attempts & mindset, projecting strategies, creating meaningful and obtainable goals and more.

  • Technique + movement assessment 

  • Specific technique + movement drills with plan on how to integrate into your climbing

  • Eight-week custom strength training plan

  • Video analysis for both technique + movement practice and strength training 

  • Voxer 24/7 access 

  • Slack group for group support 

What you'll learn

  • Self assessment 

  • Climbing technique + movement specific drills 

  • Effectively creating intentional practice within your climbing

  • Route reading skills

  • Strategies for flash attempts 

  • Strategies for projecting

  • Decisiveness while climbing

  • Strength training for climbing + injury risk reduction

  • Goal setting

Price Breakdown

Eight week climbing + strength analysis

Eight educational modules


1:1 24/7 Voxer Support 

Custom strength training plan 

Coach moderated Slack group








Don't sweat!! This program is being brought to you at a much lower investment

Your Investment


Pssst that's  <$100 per week

!!Two & Four month payment plans available!!