I don't know about you, but we've certainly seen a lot of chitter chatter here and there around intuitive eating and have seen many workshops with this topic as the centerpiece. 


We decided to dig deep with Registered Dietician Nutritionist Jessica Bahling to learn more, and make sure we provide our community with information coming directly from a professional. We think it's important to mention that anyone can give nutritional/diet advice AND call themselves a nutritionist. Yes! Even if they've never taken a nutrition course and even if they've taken a couple of them. Because of this fact, we felt it very important to partner with a professional to bring this information to you.  


Jessica received her undergraduate degree from Bradley University and completed her dietetic internship at OSF Saint Francis in Peoria, IL. She is based out of Denver, Colorado and specializes in disordered eating and sports nutrition from an intuitive eating and health at every size lens. Her work focuses on helping people form a healthy, peaceful relationship with food that nourishes both their physical and emotional health. She is also passionate about creating awareness and providing education around eating disorders in sports along with promoting positive body image in all athletes.

Jessica Bahling on Intuitive Eating