This 12-week, remote, community-based program is packed with gems to help you improve your climbing, strength, and relationship with food and self. This is the perfect program for you if you are ready to jump off of that plateau, become a better climber, sharpen your mental skills that serve you beyond climbing and nourish yourself better both in sport and in life. 


You can expect support through the She Sends: Mind + Body community AND all three coaches through group calls and access to private forum to...


  • Build growth mindsets to bring quality + focused practice to climbing

  • Build skills for managing performance anxiety; fear of falling or failure; uncertainty in returning to sport after injury

  • Create strong goal attainment plans for the program, climbing, and beyond

  • Gain confidence in knowing how to eat to support your training goals and everyday life

  • Nourish yourself to feel energized, not just get through your workouts

  • Build simple strategies to fuel yourself without obsessing over food

  • Develop confidence in the weight room and on the wall, and reduce injury risk, to support a life-long pursuit of climbing through technique + strength coaching.


You will also receive weekly homework from each coach,  general strength + climbing training plans, and general nutrition and mindset plans as well.  


The price shown is for the $200 deposit. You will be contacted after purchase to set up a payment plan if you want one. The price of this product is $897 for the full 12 weeks. 

She Sends: Mind + Body Group Program Only