Kareemah Batts is many things; shes a New Yorker, a cancer survivor, an outdoor enthusiast, founder of Adaptive Climbing Group, an unrelenting explorer of human potential and an advocate for inclusivity. In 2009, Kareemah was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue cancer known as Synovial Sarcoma. This type of cancer has a 70% mortality rate, but after a partial leg amputation, chemo and other treatments, the cancer diagnosis went into remission. As part of her 30th birthday present and 1 year cancerversary (1-year remission), Kareemah went out to Colorado to learn how to climb and hasn't stopped since. She was USA Climbing's first female paraclimber competitor, which was just one of the many reasons she founded the Adaptive Climbing Group, a non-profit dedicated to improving accessibility to the sport of climbing for people with disabilities. Kareemah is also very passionate about explanding the community's definition of diversity and helping us rethink how we approach inclusivity. 

Kareemah Batts on Diversity is More Than Color...

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