Naomi Robles on Embracing The Uncomfortable

Speaker Series Replay 6.17.20

I want to take a moment to admit a fault of mine during this Speaker Series Event. At around minute 35, my goal was to point out that beauty isn't just within cis women and is in fact is found with anyone and everyone. I went on to point out two humans who I find beautiful and inspiring; Nikki Smith & Pattie Gonia. My mistake lies in the fact that I labeled Pattie as a transgender woman, which is incorrect. In fact once I realized that I put that title on her, I felt embarrassed and ashamed and have been hesitant to put this video out there for the world to see my hiccup in this matter in fear of being criticized. To admit that feels vulnerable, but honestly this is the space I've chosen, so here I am. I'm in support of humanity & for those to live their truths - I have so much respect and compassion for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. I'm sorry that I mis-spoke and I'm sorry that I felt shame about it afterwards. I'm only human and it should be expected of me that I will make mistakes despite the knowledge I do have. For the record, Pattie Gonia, according to her IG page, is a "Fetus drag queen, ally in progress, and imperfect climate activist. Pattie -she/her | Wyn - he/him." I know that this part of the conversation can come off as a bit insensitive, and I am especially apologetic about that.

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