Outdoor climbing clinics

Join AMGA certified single pitch instructor, wilderness first responder, and professional climber (she's also our founder) Chelsea Rude, for a guided climbing experience to help you become more knowledgable, empowered, and confident in your outdoor climbing skills.


In addition to Chelsea's background as a climbing coach for the last 18 years, she has spent the last 6 years traveling the country to teach outdoor clinics at various outdoor festivals including the Flash Foxy Women's Festival, The American Alpine Club Craggin' Classic events, and the International Climbers Festival in Lander, Wy. Additionally she has done private outdoor clinics for the American Air Force, and and various other ladies organizations. Summer of 2020 was the first time she began teaching specific outdoor clinics with She Sends Collective, which was founded in February 2020. 

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get guiding + world class coaching - there is nothing else like this in the industry. 



Rachel F

She Sends Collective's programs are more than just an instructional course. They are also a group of women building relationships new and old, creating a place of support and encouragement for climbers of all levels.


Jess B

As a very new climber with no outdoor experience and minimal gym experience, I found these clinics to be invaluable. Even at my newbie skill level, I always felt comfortable and was able to challenge myself without feeling overwhelmed. Chelsea is an AMAZING coach and takes time to make sure you learn the correct and safe way to do things. I would recommend these clinics to any climber!



Learning to boulder [outdoors] with Chelsea was awesome, she was so helpful, kind and inclusive. I can't wait to do more clinics in the future! I'm so thankful She Sends Collective exists to teach women climbing.

New Payment Model

We do things a bit differently here, and we think you'll appreciate it. 


This year we will be working off a unique payment model that is new for this industry. Each clinic has a standard rate that it is worth - but we recognize this is a barrier for a lot of people. So we will be offering you to pay what you can afford by choosing to pay 25%, 50%, or 75% of the standard rate. If you can afford the standard rate, then you are encouraged to pay that. If you want to donate more in addition to the standard rate, you can choose to pay 'standard rate +1.' 

The standard rate for each type of clinic is below: 

  • Gym 2 Crag : $320

  • Intro to Trad Climbing : $320

  • All Bouldering clinics + meet ups : $77

  • Intro to Leading Outdoors : $297

  • Outdoor Climbing Movement + Technique : $297

We hope to see you this summer! Book ahead, as there are limited spots available per clinic and we imagine these clinics will sell out quickly.