The Climbers Fund

Honoring the late + beautiful Savannah Buik, we are creating a not-for-profit organization, The Climbers Fund, where we will raise money to provide grants for women-identifying (cis + non-cis), GNC + non-binary folks for: 

  • Eating Disorder Recovery (50% of funds)

  • Nutrition workshops (20% of funds)

  • Climbing coaching (15% of funds)

  • Gym memberships (15% of funds)

These four areas are of high priority to us. Eating disorders, struggle with nutrition & strained relationship with food are so common in our community. It is our hope to provide grants for people to ease the financial burden of these programs that are often very expensive.  

Additionally, climbing is a sport full of privilege. We are aiming to lessen the financial barriers of obtaining a climbing gym membership as well as hiring a coach of their choice. We believe it is everybody's right to pursue a passion. 

Please stay tuned for more information.